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Water Pressure in Leander, Tx

Low Water Pressure Can Be Fixed

Honestly, Can Do Plumbers can increase your water pressure. In most cases a simple adjustment can raise your water pressure.

Call Can Do Plumbing now to get your water pressure adjusted.

Can Do Plumbers Raise Pressure in Leander, Tx

Can Do Plumbing fixes water pressure issues in Leander, Tx. However, there can be many different causes. For this reason an evaluation of your plumbing system should be performed. 

Of course, high pressure in your plumbing system can result in damage to your pipes, faucets and even your water heater. Obviously this should be fixed as soon as possible. Because the pressure should not exceed 70 psi.

By all means low pressure is considered 50 psi or lower, resulting in poor showers.

You should definitely Call Today, to fix low pressure in Leander, Lago Vista, Jonestown, Point Venture, Cedar Park and Marble Falls.

low water pressure in house
Low Water Pressure
low water pressure
Pressure Reducing Valve, PRV

Chances Are Your Home Has a Pressure Reducing Valve.

This is a pressure reducing valve, also known as a PRV. Basically, this devices reduces the pressure from the city main.  Indeed this is the device that determines the pressure to your property between 50 psi and 70 psi. Evidently the PRV is installed were pressure exceeds 70 psi. In most cases the PRV is adjustable between 50 psi and 70 psi and is most commonly located next to the water meter box. It is important to realize that not all homes have a PRV and there may be other reasons why your pressure is low. Call Can Do Plumbing to fix pressure problems.